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Simply put, free audio books are recordings of books which can be learn aloud. However some would possibly suppose: why would we want audio books if we will learn books ourselves? Audio books are helpful now not just for the visually impaired, but in a ...

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In this article we have collected 25 best screen capture software online websites that are made last year, and that are free.

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All the free wide screen orion nebula space wallpapers, photos, pictures and photographs on easily to download.

Like many of you, i’m a sucker for fancy new wallpapers of neat looking stuff, and if there’s one place that routinely cranks out so ...


This package contains a free .psd of 26 blurred backgrounds, including the original image they were blurred from. Feel free to use them for personal or commercial use without any restrictions.

Blurred backgrounds have been an emerging trend lat ...


This really is the most epic set of 2600 flag icons you’ll come across. We use them ourselves so what better endorsement do you need?

We’ve created a flag for every major country in the world, plus a few more. And we’ve created them in several ...


Dribbble is a goldmine of talent, showcasing the work of some of the best designers, typographers and illustrators in the world. Creative types share small screenshots of their work, processes and cu ...


Great images can do a lot for your blog posts. They get attention when people get to your site and they really help your content do well in social media (because of the combination of great headline and great visuals). Stock photos can start to ad ...

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Bad DNS settings can undermine your email marketing campaigns. Fix up your DNS records and improve email open rates with these DNS tips.


If you are unsure on how to setup port forwarding for an application such as VNC or your favorite computer game, then here are 3 programs that may be able to help you do it automatically without manually logging in to your router to configure port mapp ...

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Interesting icons are always refreshing to look at. The better icons are there, better the impression is. God has made the fruits so beautiful that they grab your attention in no time. What if they are used as icons? Interesting idea, eh?

We ar ...


Ever heard of a cinemagraph? If you haven't, then now's your chance to be inspired by this cool concept. This article has some excellet examples of this tecnique.


Under Construction or coming soon page is type of page that used whenever your wordpress site is on offline, under maintenance mode or the website is still in development/construction and not yet launched. Coming soon pages play a vital role in keeping ...


Have a look at 30 free Joomla extensions and modules that can significantly improve your blog, portfolio, business or e-Commerce site.

When you decide to build your site with Joomla, you will definitely need more functionality than the starter ...


Finding a good, free stock photo can be a pain. How many times have you come across a website that offered lots of images for free download, but the lion’s share of the content was hardly worthy of attention? Forget about low-res amateur pictures ...

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The Website Menu is one of important components to allow visitors access your website. This is my collection of accordion menu, dock menu, drop down menu, slide menu and tree menu which will boost your website usability.


Whether it is for your personal website or just a new portrait that you’d like to hang somewhere in your room, stock photos are essential for your design needs. With copyright issues becoming a pain, you will need to consider using a royalty-free ...

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Every day, SEOs are challenged in their jobs to solve problems big and small - some are technically complex, others are merely time consuming, repetitive and tedious. At SEOmoz, we love to build, use and recommend ...


Rahul Mistry digs out the hidden treasures amongst the bewildering array of free icons available on the web.

Here are 30 noteworthy sets of free icons that would make a great addition to your arsenal and help to grab the user' ...


Slab serif fonts are quite stylish and attractive and are versatile enough to be used in many different contexts. They’re also currently very popular among web designers everywhere. Have a look at a compilation of free slab fonts we've prepared for you ...