Have you ever needed to include a javascript file to the home page only to run that sweet slideshow you have displayed (or any other reason)? Fortunately, you don’t have to modify any of the layout files, or add it to your head.phtml file. CMS pa ...


CMS pages in Magento allow you to modify the layout XML specific to that page. So, all you need to do is open up the CMS page in Magento that you want to add the javascript to, click on the “Design” tab on the left, and in the “Layout ...


This is a forum thread on adding a product with attributes via the Web Service

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If the machine is running Windows XP you may want to install a program for someone without having to log them off. A simple way is to use the “runas” command line utility to invoke the Control Panel applet Add Remove Programs.


In yesterday’s article we showed you how to make the Windows 7 taskbar work more like XP or Vista, but we left one thing out: the Quick Launch bar. It’s really not too difficult to add it back, although it will take a few more steps.


This PrestaShop 1.5 article teaches how to add a new webservice within the Advanced Parameters section.

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There are many cases where you would only want to have certain styles or JavaScript includes within the homepage of your ecommerce site. Magento makes it as easy as modifying a single XML file to add these.


I am trying to tell the client that all css and js wont change for 1 month so they can cache they files.


Prestashop 1.5 introduced a new way to add hooks, which dosn’t involve overrides or database queries. Let’s see how to take advantage of it!


This article shows all the different ways of adding Javascript and CSS in to your Magento template.


By default, Magento does not automatically add on trailing url's to the end of every URL. In a database-driven cms system, you will be penalized for this by having two urls' with duplicate content: ...


some unique modules here including a Google Based shipping / Pickup modules. These are not badly priced.


Free website plugins like share buttons, follow buttons and content recommendations to help you get likes, shares and followers and keep them coming back. This is the goto socail button addon for most websites. I think they also collect the data. I hav ...


Welcome to our free, royalty free stock photography collection of over 1000 images and growing! You'll find stock photos covering a range of categories such as textures, animals, technology, water, fire, jobs and careers, buildings and ...


Email Blacklist check and monitor tool that will check if your IP's have been blacklisted by querying over 100 known public DNS blacklists.

  • Blacklist Check
  • MX Lookup
  • DNS Lookup
  • Telnet
  • IP 2 Location ...


Use this tool to help you decide what font to use rather than ideftifying a font.


Adsimilate Marketing, Inc. is a leading pay-per-click search and content network with a team comprised of top leaders who have been in the PPC space for over 7 years. The Adsimilate Marketing, Inc. PPC program makes it possible for publishers and adver ...


ADSLM (ADSL Monitor) is designed to be a troubleshooting tool to help ADSL subscribers identify and understand the characteristics and personality of adsl lines. ADSLM is so versatile that it can be configured to be used in a wide variety of adslm mode ...

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The UK's largest independent ADSL review site - Your guide to UK broadband internet. Also has a speedtester


This small JAVA app will telnet to your router to get accurrate usage stats from it rather than relying on monitoring you PC which does not always showa ll of the traffic especially if ther eare multiple devices on you network. This app does not suppor ...