This is a project to port Android open source project to x86 platform, formerly known as "patch hosting for android x86 support". The original plan is to host different patches for android x86 support from open source community. A few months after we c ...


This tech-recipe will explain how to change the length of time your phone will ring before it sends a call to voicemail.  This will only work on GSM based mobile carrier and Android phones (ie AT&T, T-Mobile, any network that uses a SIM Card). ...


Andy is the best Android emulator available. Andy provides an easy way to download and install Android apps and games for your Windows PC or Mac.


Images of animals, catagorized like a directory, all licensed under Creative Commons which mean attribution when you use them. The quality is excellent and there is a wide range of animals to go through from all over the world.


Cinemagraphs or animated photographs are still images that have a living moment inside of them. Subtle looping motion turns such photos into ever magnetizing, thus giving them strong marketing potential. All cinemagrap ...


Free and too pay for Gifs. Massive 500,000 libary, Animated Clipart and Motion Designs for Video, PowerPoint, Flash, Websites, E-mail and more!


Hide your HTTP-Referer with full anonymouse links or Create a SSL-protected anonymouse link from an url to hide your HTTP-REFERER

Create a SSL-protected anonymouse link from your url. By using this link you will hide your HTTP-REFERER. Webmaste ...


Anonymization since 1997 Protect your privacy, protect your data, protect it for free. It is fast, it is easy, and it is free!


Another Bug - After successful checkout, the cart is not empty Forum Thread


This has the starting code that gave me the inspiration.

This is a Prestashsop forum thread dealing with this topic.


Search for the locations of cell towers and antennas to determine cell reception.


Anti Spam, the best way to fight spam bots! The purpose of this page is to make it so spammers who attempt to collect email addresses off the web, via programs, will not have real email addresses in their database. Anti-Spam causes problems be ...

Category:Spam Prevention

This is a Satck Overflow thread on free HTML image slicers.

Category:Image Slicing

This is an article on Apache config and .htaccess - URL rewriting


The Apache JMeter™ desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expan ...


The Apache License (ASL) is a free software license written by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The Apache (/əˈpætʃi/) License requires preservation of the copyright notice and disclaimer. Like other free software licenses, the license allow ...


The Apache Software Foundation uses various licenses to distribute software and documentation, to accept regular contributions from individuals and corporations, and to accept larger grants of existing software products.

These licenses help us ...


A basic apache rewrite cheatsheet. some of the rewrite and .htaccess tutorials might have a better cheatsheet but this will do for now.


I have installed the Windows 10 Insider Program. Everything works, except Apache. When I try to start it, it says that port 80 is blocked. Is there a way to unblock it or tell Apache to use another port ...


I am using XAMPPS to host PHP files from my machine. I have recently installed XAMPPs but I am unable to start Apache service as port 80 is in use by PID 4 - NT Kernel & System.

I know by using a different port (such as port 8080 etc change ...