Many years ago, HTTP 1.1 introduced specialized Cache Control directives to control the behavior of browser caches and proxy caches. These were a refinement over the HTTP 1.0 headers that programmers were using to control the behavior of caches. Though ...


We secure every device, everywhere to reduce the risk and impact of security breaches. Big data analytics predict and prevent threats before they happen.


An excellent tuorial on web Caching. It is easy to read and very useful for the uninitiated.


This is an indepth tutorial on web caching.


With a PayPal Premier or Business account, it just takes a few minutes to set up shipping costs, sales tax, or value-added tax. this allows for you to create a simply ecommerce system but have PayPal create and handle the shipping costs.


Welcome to California Fonts, home of 20,000 free fonts that are easy to browse and download. Unlike other font sites, here you don't have to download a font, then unzip it and then move it to it's final destination. All the fonts and t ...


While it's not possible to change your Yahoo ID or primary email address, we have options if you're unhappy with your Yahoo ID:


No. Learn how to create an alias or extra email address on Yahoo.

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I added an alias in account, but I'd rather have this alias as my primary account. Is it possible to make the change?


My question is.  Can I place the H1 tag anywhere on the page?  I have some tabs like below.  I am thinking of add a tab in between delivery and returns called more info and placing more seo keywords including the H1 tag in this tab.


For a system to be rated at Cat 6, all of the components in the system have to meet the Cat 6 standard. However, Cat 6 is fully backwards compatible with Cat 5e, so if the system's technical rating is of no concern to you, feel free to use all of the C ...


This thread tells of how a Factory reset only wipes /data in a CUSTOM recovery. In stock recovery it handles the storage partition also.


Hello. My name is Tayler. I built this site to make it easier for me and others to find images on the web.

The site searches and displays results from Wikimedia Commons, an enormous repository of images and other digital resources.

Sear ...


The site searches and displays results from Wikimedia Commons, an enormous repository of images and other digital resources. You also have the option of "Only show public domain results?" which is useful when you do not want to attribute an image.



Disable Prefetch, SuperFetch, And Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing - Can You Get More Space Or Speed From Your SSD?


Requirements test. Find out if your computer meets or exceeds the requirements for a computer game.

This is a software basd system althought you can manually specify if preferred.


My StartCom certificate is due to expire shortly. However, when I try to login to their control panel to generate an updated one, I'm getting the following error: An error occurred during a connection to Peer does not recognize and t ...


Every time I open up a previously made image, usually a jpg of an illustration I did by hand, there is an outline of a rectangle right in the middle of my image. I have no doubt I put it there while doing something else. But, now it shows up in all the ...


sfc \scannow didn't finish, so I ran it at boot using method 1 here: SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot That gave me the error ...


Running : Windows XP media center edition SP3 Have tried installing KB979906 a few times and also downloaded update manually but cannot install this update. Receiving error 0x643.Is it safe to uninstall the .NET Framework 1.1 and re-install as possibly ...