I noticed that there is a lack of free or open source "zoom" or magnifier effect modules out there, and the JqZoom provided by prestashop seems a bit basic for me, so I made my own and I'm putting it here.

The purpose of this plugin is to be ab ...


This is an excellent Javascript tutorial which covers arrays (in-depth) and all other aspects of javascript. There is a free downloadable version of this book just incase the site goes offline


299 Sleek vector icons for bootstrap.

Elusive Icons is a webfont that can be used with any of your projects. Bootstrap-based, Foundation-based or even your custom projects!

It was created by the need for an Open-Source font that can be ...


This email checking tool connects to the mail server and checks whether the email exists.

For valid email addresses, you can view additional intelligence including pictures, web, blog and local searches. Click the info.. button ...


Below are Email Deliverability tips and tricks from leading industry experts. While none of these are required, they all come highly recommend from SendGrid.

Satisfying each of the below conditions are great steps to resolve current or pot ...


Email feedback loop documentation, including how to apply for and use them.his site documents email feedback loops, including how to apply for and use them.

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Email Feedback Loops provide feedback to an email sender on whether or not the email recipient thought the email was spam. Most major email providers establish a Feedback Loop mechanism where the sender can sign up to receive this valuable feedback.


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  • Email Address Verifier - Validate and Check In Real Time. Verify email address info: check if valid, photos, web search, blog entries, geo location info and more. FREE to use.
  • Online Email Extractor - ...


An email feedback loop (FBL) is a service that many ISPs will provide to companies who send bulk mailings. On their end, it’s beneficial because it identifies pro-active companies and reduces the amount of spam sent to their users.

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When you send email from your web server, email reliability is very important. Setting up your SPF record correctly helps tremendously!


This page does a check of your Outgoing Email Server to see how the Email server fares with respect to some of the “best practices”.

If you are facing issues where your outgoing Emails are consistently rejected by other servers or land up in Ju ...

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This article explains how to set up email over SSL. Email over SSL is an optional feature on our standard hosting packages; and a compulsory feature on our Secure (PCI compliant) hosting packages.


A simple spam check to ensure your emails arn't junked.

It sucks not getting emails through. This simple email spam test tool helps you to determine if your email may be flagged as spam, or filtered away by spam filters. You'll get results base ...

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This site offers a service where it checks your email so you can make sure it does not get put in spam foolders on delivery and what it looks like when viewed in the different email clients. The free version is restricted but off the following features ...

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Discover the rich features in PowerMTA that help you adopt and adapt to changing email authentication standards including support for DKIM and SPF and setup for DMARC.  To use our automated testing tool, send a sample of a marketing email or newsl ...

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Use our Email Verifier to Verify Email Address online. Our free verifier tool for email will lookup and check emails to see if they are valid.


Welcome to Embroidery Fonts, the home of Embroidery Fonts. All of our Embroidery Fonts packs contain the following 3 font sizes .75" 1.5" 2" and the following 10 formats DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PEC, PES, SEW, VIP, XXX. Our embroidery fonts are a set o ...


Professional Magento Themes and Magento Templates for free and commerce. Clean, modern, unique design, easy customization. Free download magento extensions and addons


When installing and tweaking your Hackintosh, one the first things to do is enablie the full power of your graphics card. Apple's OS X uses Quartz Extreme and Core Image (QE/CI) technologies as foundations in the operating system.  This is a tutorial to d ...