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Repeating background patterns and images, patterns such as these can be used for a host of things such as a web page backgrounds, or adding that extra detail to a containing block, adjust the visibility and you’ve got a great new look for some thing th ...


Computer PC and Android diagnostics hardware & software burn-in stress test repair troubleshooting tools & pc burn-in, from Ultra-X, Inc.

This is the hardcore technicians equipment and software for refurbishing and diagnosing issues on ...


Android & PC Computer hardware & software diagnostics burn-in stress test tools for troubleshooting & pc burn-in. Professional hardware and diagnostic tools and packages.

Ultra-X, Inc., Hardware and software diagnostic developer and ...


Occasionally I need to search all the files on my computer for a specific word or phrase.  The "occasionally" part of that sentence is actually the most important, because it means I don't want to use a search feature that creates and maintains a ...


There is a thread about this at, which has been closed because it claims the question has been answered. It was no ...


My machine has suddenly decided to stop booting, tried booting from safe mode (all options), but it hangs after Mup.sys. Tried booting from CD to get to the recovery console but this hangs after "Setup is starting windows" message.


Windows 7 can be installed without user intervention by placing a specially formatted XML file on a USB drive or floppy disk before booting from the installation DVD. The file's name is either Autounattend.xml (my preference) or Unattend.xml. The file ...


You can use this utility to uncompress your CSS files; in other words make them nicely formatted again. You can also download a Shell Script which accomplishes the same task as this online uncompress ...

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A listing of free under construction pages from


There are a lot of tutorials out there for doing this. I wanted to poke in a little further to make it clear exactly what you are doing. I also wanted to point out that doing this by updating catalog.xml or page.xml is entirely wrong. 99% of these type ...


I figured I would start this thread to shed some light on Electronics,Components,Smd,Schematics and Symbols, Pretty much anything electronic. I wont be doing game console discussions in this thread though and I will gradually add to this ...


This page provides help on understanding the three different types of FTP support in Cerberus FTP Server.


Explains the key differences between FTP, FTPS and SFTP file transfer protocols.


I just want to understand the meaning of



Performance and scalability are hot topics for any enterprise application, and this is especially true of Magento. Our clients are usually impressed with the features and extensibility of Magento, but there is a worry in the background if the platform ...


This tutorial is intended to explain what RAM is and give some background on different memory technologies in order to help you identify the RAM in your PC. It will also discuss RAM speed and timing parameters to help you understand the specifications ...


How to uninstall FlexNet Licensing Service created by InstallShield to add convenience for a program to check for its updates and manage licences.


If the Java (TM) Platform plugin for your installed Java version is not detected after updating to Java 7 Update 10 or above, this can be caused by a standalone installation of JavaFX that prevents the Java plugin from being properly r ...