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This site has a large collection of drivers which are located on their own server


X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 application (based on <canvas> ) that allows you to create high resolution icons that lets your sites shine with IE9 and above. With X-Icon Editor you can quickly get your site ready with a large icon which will be avail ...


A pack which slipstreams into your english xp sp3 installation disc. Bringing it up to date with all the high priority updates that appear on windows update. View a full list of updates that appear on windows update after a clean install of windows xp ...


I have been trying to figure out how to fix this problem for two days. I'm new to this kind of thing so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to fix it.

I've tried deleting skype but that didn't work, I've tried turning off the wor ...


XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. This software has mnultiple platform version including windows.


Windows environment is such a complex environment to develop on. Many things need to be considered if something goes wrong. Firewall, rogue programs, anti-virus, etc… Anyway, I’ve been developing in Windows for the past 9 years and only th ...


I have just done a fresh install of Xampp 1.8 (following all the "do this first" warnings) and it works.
The only problem is that connecting to mysql is soooo slow.

any pages with php arrive quickly when I navigate to localhost in the brow ...

Category:Slow MySQL

I recently installed xampp 1.8.3-2. But there is a quirk, the mysql service is using high memory usage (400MB above). There is no active queries. Rhis is how to fix it.


Instructions on how to install XAMPP for Windows distributions.

This also includes specifi instructions about why the CPU is running at 100% and how to get XAMPP to work on port 80 under Windows 10.


I am running XAMPP 1.7.1 on Home windows 7 Ultimate. Everything (Apache &lifier MySQL) is working fine aside from speed.

After I open http://localhost/, I have to wait most likely 1-3 seconds f ...


I'm using XAMPP 1.7.7. I just installed Xampp.

If press 'admin...' for mysql in xampp control panel, it goes to a 'page cannot be found'.

This is a fresh install.


I've got XAMPP installed on my Windows 7 Computer. I've been developing on it for a while now but my development has come to a grinding halt because XAMPP is rendering my PHP pages really slowly. It's running so slowly, that it's exceeding the 30 secon ...


I had this problem yesterday when trying to work on a project at home using XAMPP (Incase you don’t know what XAMPP is, it’s a portable web server… I’ll write another entry about it soon)

Anyway to my problem… so ...


I'm trying to get XAMPP working on Win7/64 for testing Wordpress themes.

I was originally getting a problem with Apache trying to access Port 80 but I was told to change the config file to port 81 which I have done and now Apache is running and ...


I just installed a fresh copy of latest XAMPP and started Apache and MySQL. Checked the task manager and by default empty MySQL with no databases running eats up over 400MB of ram out of nowhere while not in use ...


I'm developing in PHP and MySQL locally using XAMPP on Windows. The web site is fairly fast when not connecting to any database. However, when I connect to the MySQL database, a simple request now takes approximentaly a second.

Category:Slow MySQL

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This site is about certain PDA-phones, made by a secretive firm called HTC in Taiwan. Their makers named them 'Wallaby', 'Himalaya' and 'Blue Angel', but almost nobody knows them by those names. The mobile provider O2 sells them under the brand-name 'X ...


Download fonts comprehensive list in TrueType format for Windows. There is a large list of fonts available here. They are all labelled but there is no search.

I cannot find any specifi licensing or cpyright information on this site and i cannot ...


Create an XML sitemap for your website to submit to search engines.

This site has some simple explanations of what sitemaps are and how to use them. It has it's own sitemap genertor that will scrape your site and build you own sitemap.xml aswel ...