Packet Reassembly

This is an issue you might come across and find it hard to figure out.

This is the official documentation about Packer Reassembly in wireshark


Wireshark supports reassembly of PDUs spanning multiple TCP segments for a large number of protocols implemented on top of TCP. These protocols include, but are not limited to, iSCSI, HTTP, DNS, Kerberos, CIFS, ONC-RPC etc. All in all probably somethin ...


I have a three-way TCP handshake, followed by two FIX logons. (FIX is a protocol used in trading.) The first FIX logon (frame 4) is interpreted and parsed just fine by WireShark, but the second logon (frame 6) is interpreted as a TCP segment of a ...


This tip was released via Twitter (@laurachappell). Tired of seeing [TCP Segment of a Reassembled PDU] on your HTTP traffic? Change this one TCP setting to view the true HTTP Response Codes in your Info column. This will speed up your troubleshooting p ...