This webpage shows you with examples on how to make error pages that can send the error message by email and php. Also links to custom 404 error pages that are done really well.


As requested by some members, and intended to be a useful resource to add to, here is an introduction to OOP. This is by no means complete and is intended to help those who just don't get objects to think about things a little differently, and slowly ...


Arrays fall under the same category that a lot of concepts in PHP do: "Difficult to understand at first, easy to use once you do, and impossible to live without."

In this article, we will be taking a look at why they are so important to program ...


Learn what is the difference between =, == and == (= vs == vs ===) in PHP. This is the simplest and clearest description of this issue i have read. It instantly explains the difference and how and when to use the different operators.


Have you ever wondered which PHP functions are termed to be highly dangerous in web hosting & should promptly be left disabled in the configuration ?

PHP is a powerful language which; when used in an improper way, either unknowin ...


when using a webserver you get this error. This article tells you how to fix it.


The main purpose of regular expressions, also called regex or regexp, is to efficiently search for patterns in a given text. These search patterns are written using a special format which a regular expression parser understands. This is an article on i ...


The php.ini file is one of the most crucial server configurations. I'll explain what the php.ini file is and why it's important to an Ecommerce website. This article will show you how to configure it for prestashop.


This is an indepth article on how to increase the PHP memory limit. It covers methods in cluding php.ini and htaccess files.


A important part of the users experience, when visiting a website, is the page loading time, also know as PageSpeed

However loading times has been even more important to focus on after the latest updates of the Google ranging algorithm, where ...


This is a copy of O'Reilly PHP Cookbook 2002 online.


In this part of the PHP forms tutorial I will touch on four subjects. How to access PHP variables from one page to another using 1.) POST, 2.) GET, 3.) $_SESSION, 4.) arrays. You will learn about sending variables to a script and what to do with them.< ...


This easy to follow tutorial is invaluable in learning PHP. New to PHP or just need a reminder, you should read this.


Free PHP cheat sheets


In PHP comparison operators use to compare the similarity between values. These are especially useful in control structures.


A review of PHP directives and coding examples. These are set in the php.ini althought they can be set elsewhere.


In the first article of the PHP Performance Series, I focused on PHP Caching Techniques. This time I want to talk about maximizing your database. This article will deal mostly with My ...


this is a php script  to redirect a webpage but it will redirect a page and send a selected http header


FastCGI for PHP makes all your PHP applications run through mod_fcgid instead of mod_suphp. FastCGI applications are fast because they're persistent. There is no per-request startup and initialization overhead. This makes possible the development of ap ...


This command allows you to set Apache Environmental Variables from PHP. When set via this method they are only valid while the script is running, it is not a persistent setting.