Debugging Smarty

Debugging Smarty when you need too.

There is a debugging console included with Smarty. The console informs you of all the included templates, assigned variables and config file variables for the current invocation of the template. A template file named debug.tpl is included with the dist ...


I would like to make sure that getTemplateVars () only returns the templatevars from the last fetch(). Now if a request results in two fetches getTemplateVars also returns the global_tpl_vars created in the previous template.


getTemplateVars() — returns assigned variable value(s)


i wan to print all value which is store in an array like print_r() function 


I have some variables inside a template and I don't know where I assigned them. I need to know what is inside a particular variable; for instance, say I have a variable in smarty called member. I tried with but it didn't work, and no popup was shown.< ...


This links is more about the existance of the modifier debug_print_var


I would like to get all variables assigned to Smarty inside the template.

This is a forum thread dealing with this topic.


How do you print all variables available in the context of a Smarty template?

This is a forum thread dealing with this topic.


does anyone know how to set a global smarty variable from within an include?


Is there a way to show the full variable name in the debug console?


While trying to debug why something wasn't working, I needed to see what data had been assigned to a Smarty template but from within the template itself (I didn't have time to try and work out where in the PHP code the stuff was assigned and debug from ...


If anyone here can tell me how to access the smarty $template value (also the same as the &systpl= value) via an action hook, I'd appreciate it.