OK, so I posed the question, and I found the answer. (Of course I had to find it myself, I just don't have people who regularly read my posts and do research for me!)

The situation is this: I use cPanel on my web hosting server. I use the cPane ...


This backup script includes SSL support. This isn't necessary if you run the script on the server for which you're generating the backup; but the SSL support is very important if you're running the script somewhere else to ...


Here’s the full tutorial on creating automated cPanel backups. Use this form to generate a PHP backup script that creates a cPanel backup.

To enable au ...


This is a simple script derived from the cPanel process that generates full account backups, only in PHP form. This makes the task of backing up your site easier and more reliable by allowing you to generate and maintain your own full site backups.


cPanel Backup is a set of automated scripts for triggering full backups of your website through cPanel and retrieving the backup files using FTP.


Automate cPanel backup with this simple script.

We offer solution to automate CPanel full backup Use our script to generate daily full backup file, including MYSQL database dump and cPanel configuration files.


I was looking for a working script to take full backup (all files+databases+emails) manually or using cron services on my hosting server, each CPanel user by one. But most of the scripts are either old, totally unusable or commercial. So I wrote one fo ...


Want to have a backup solution for your resellers that goes beyond a normal Cpanel backup?

This script will copy the Cpanel backup files of a reseller account to any FTP location. Some resellers would like to have a copy of the backup files. Wi ...


This backup script will allow you to run the standard cpanel backup system automatically  (via a cron job)


A great way for resellers to backup their clients. cPBackup is the best method to backup cPanel / WHM reseller accounts to an offsite server.

  • 5 Minute Installation.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Supports FTP, PassiveFTP, Home Director ...


cPremote is a remote rsync backup plugin for the famous hosting control panel cPanel. It is a WHM plugin. This will take all your cPanel accounts backups into a remote server over ssh via incremental backup method. So you can have all your servers and ...


How often are you backing up your cpanel?

Did you know that one website is hacked every 5 seconds and most webmasters do not have a backup to restore it? Are you safely creating backups in the event of a catestrophic attack on your website? How ...


Here is a code for Auto cPanel backups to remote ftp server. Just upload, configure and add a cron job to run it every day and it will work as charm and save you a lots of time. Please post any improved/better version in reply. Ch ...


Now you can backup and FTP your complete Reseller Server WHM Hosting account using our custom built PHP script! There is a free version of this script that only acts on one domain. These scripts can be run by a cron job.


Using the script provided below you will be able to make automatic full cPanel backups of your account.

This backup script includes SSL support. This is not necessary if you run the script on the server for which you are generating the backup; ...


Backup your WHM & cPanel backup archives to Amazons hugely resilient Simple Storage Service (S3).

Take advantage of automated off-site WHM backups without the need for additional costly hardware. S3BackupWHM tag ...


Complete Backup Solution For WHM Reseller Hosting Accounts.

Are you currently running your internet business on a reseller hosting account powered by WHM? If yes, there is a good chance that the fate of your entire business lies in the hands of ...