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  • Base64 Encoding
  • Browser Settings
  • CSS Coder
  • CSS Navigation Menu
  • Datetime Converter
  • DHTML Tooltip
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Developer Tools from W3C Developers


Check your HTML/XHTML and CSS, including HTML5. Powerful & easy to use.

Visited62 is a individual website. I'm an ASP.NET developer, for the loading speed, I always want to decrease the page size. So I need minify the JavaScript and CSS file sometimes.I was able to find a bunch of software to do so, free ...


Patternizer is an easy to use stripe pattern generator. It's lots of fun and free! This tool allows the design of patterns via ajax. These pattersn are created using css rules which you can copy or you can just download a png of the pattern.

I ...


Sciweavers is an academic network for scientists and researches that offers free online services that improves their productivity and visibility.

This site has some amazing tools that are all clear and easy to use.

Productivity Tools...


Background images make pages look good, but also make them slower. Each background image is an extra HTTP request. There's a fix: combine background images into a CSS sprite. But creating sprites is hard, requiring arcane know ...


This test checks your browser's compatibility to the new CCS3 standards. Can be helpful when implementing new features and checking they are cross browser compatible.

This test checks which CSS3 features the browser recognizes, not whe ...


Tools to speed up and ease web development.

  • HTML Encoder / Decoder
  • Write Upside Down
  • CSS Sprite Creator
  • htpassword Generator