Article with 15 Best Photo Gallery Scripts for Web Developers


"I always enjoy looking at good minimalist web design. Here are my 15+ favorite collections of articles featuring minimalist design, comprising nearly 650 examples" By Jeff Star


Here are 50 of our favorite free image galleries that you can quickly plug into a design. They’ve been built with everything from CakePHP to jQuery to Ruby on Rails. A shout-out to all the developers involved in sharing their work with the commu ...


Actually at first I wanted simple image gallery solution for web design project, but when I started to search I changed my mind and thought how great would be to create article about all the best image gallery solutions available on the Internet. So h ...


Large background images have already become an integral part of any Web design yet they’re often perceived as trivial things. In spite of this, the designers are not giving up this trend. They try their best to power up their Web pages with new e ...


Beginners web design video tutorial. Learn modern CSS and HTML 4 based web design. is designed for total beginners … and for people who use programs like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other wysiwyg programs (wysiwyg stan ...


This is a comprehensive list of Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings for most devices and browsers.


Fifty Shades of Grey: A Review takes a look at fifty entirely different shades of the popular and versatile neutral. With insights like "In the middle. Not took black, not too white" (for #666), "This is what Americans call "gray" (for #c1c1c1), and "O ...


For Web design projects, you may find yourself sometimes scrounging around for a simple yet useful image gallery and slideshow. But imagine having a huge collection of AJAX, JavaScript, Lightbox, CSS and Flash-based image galleries at your fingertips. ...


To use your own email on Google Apps you need to make changes to your mail server's MX recoreds as per this article.


Use SSI (Server Side Includes), PHP, ASP, JavaScript, or other technology to include portions of HTML on many pages of a Web site.


Once you've surfed the Web for more than a day, you'll notice that most Web sites have a theme for ...


This article goes through how to change a PSD file into a working website theme. It is based on an ongoing project but can be read on its own.


By default browsers will add the date, page number and URL to any page printed from the Internet. For most (if not all) of the printables on this site, you probably don't want text at the top and bottom of the page. Luckily it's pretty easy to fix, jus ...


Mirror your favourite sites on your hard drive for local viewing using HTTrack. This comprehensive tutorial will take you through the steps of configuring HTTrack.


A tutorial on how to secure your web forms from abouse by using Google's reCAPTCHA


A website dedicated to HTML Forms and how to use and read them. Also know as Web Forms.


This page gives you all of the commands and settings for Cycle2.


Yesterday I wanted to mirror a website I use often, because it sometimes has downtime issues and isn't so stable. After a little searching on Google, I came up with the following tool: HTTrack.

However, it isn't that easy to use in the beginnin ...


PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-9 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features.

This library allows you to add the following functions to internet explorer:

  • border-radiu ...