A great Online Photo album which can be intergrated in to E107 (using coppermine Bridge pluggin).


A free standalone WYSIWYG editor that can be used with E107. Just past what you want in to the standalone editor and then copy the produced HTML code in to your E107 custom page (E107 WYSIWYG editor must be turned of in admin). Supports CSS tables and ...


Download Gallery2 plugins here.


A forum dedicated to gallery2 tha has deen embedded into another piece of software i.e. CMS or a forum.


Preview different Themes, Colorpacks and Frames for Gallery2.


I have used plenty of Firefox addons over the years, to know which ones the community likes and which ones it dislikes. The problem with the default addon directory on the Mozilla website is quite simple, many of the addons in the web developer categor ...