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I am often asked how to keep cats away from yards. Cats are unpredictable, so there are few sure-fire cat repellents. But below I consider some of the best approaches known to keep cats away from yards. Broadly speaking, we can label all of these diver ...


Cats tend to use gardens as their personal outdoor litter boxes. If your own cats or neighborhood cats use your garden as a litter box, you can discourage this behavior or prevent it altogether. The best way is to keep the cats out of the garden in the ...


Here are five tips for good flowchart design. Applying them will allow you to make flowcharts that are easier to read, understand, and use.


This is a Google Infographic on how their search works.



Learn the basics of flowcharting and see how to create a flowchart using SmartDraw's automatic drawing tools.


This set of the best free mind mapping software will be helpful for every web designer who wants to record his multiple ideas in an organized way.