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Ubuntu Various Notes

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  1. use synaptics application installer in administration for install and remove.
  2. the location where packages are run from and placed with wget are /home/shoulders/
  3. root does not have any ftp access, password by default is a random hash and has to be changed with sudo. see link
  4. webmin is a gui through webrowser to admin a lot of stuff like cpanel
  5. gadmin-proftpd is a gui for proftpd ftp server
  6. sudo / su is a command to allow you to run as root

There's already an easy way to do this. 

  • First press "Alt F2" on your keyboard then type in "gksu nautilus".
  • Now you are running the file browser as root in gnome.
  • Or you can do the same thing in kde only look for "run command" in the kmenu and type in "kdesu dolphin".

to run file explorer as root

press alt+F2  , type  gksudo nautilus 

to set a root password open terminal

type: su    -l

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