Open workbooks in different windows

When i open several Excel Workbooks i like them to all be in seperate windows so i can have then on seperate screens and with seperate contols.

I have to develop an excelsheet where a row is hidden automatically if the value in cell e is 1 and unhide the row automatically if the value in cell e is 2. And this has to work for all rows.


A useful thread but my favourite solution is:

  1. Find excel.exe
  2. Create shortcut to excel.exe on desktop
  3. Drag and drop excel files on shortcut
  4. Voila, multiple instance of excel.exe and all file remain visible...


I dont know much about VBA but can anyone help? I need a macro that will hide all rows where the formula result is zero as a result of the cost centre selected from a validation list?


This tip contains a macro to hide rows that contain data you don't want to see. (Tips.Net)



How to open two excel files in two excel windows using multiple monitors in Windows 7.
Currently it opens multiple files on top of each other on the same one monitor.


I want to open 2 excel files in separate windows to view them side by side... but each time I try, it opens them in the same window.


I know of several approaches using a macro (VBA) to show/hide columns and rows in Excel, but I cannot figure out or find a way to do this using either a formula or conditional formatting. Of particular interest is Excel 2007 - but I'd be curious to kno ...


I am VERY new at VBA and have been searching for VBA code that can do what I want. I have tried several and attempted to adapt them however I just can't seem to get them right so thought I would try for some help!