Service Status / Exchange Faults

This page list all active and recently closed faults on the BT network along with their status, clear information about the fault and the area codes covered.


Help with BT Business Broadband, phone lines & services. Systems, Networking, Hosting, Email and Billing This site lists ongoing outages from the BT network.


With My BT, you can check your phone line and find out if there's a problem - or if you want to find out the status of a fault you've already raised, you can do that too.

This tool is for end users to quickly check if there are any issues in th ...


This site contains a wealth of adsl information such as how adsl works, and how MaxDSL works. Tips on choosing an ISP, comparing ISPs, and what to do if you run into problems with your adsl connection. How to get adsl line stats from your router to und ...


Problems with your telephone or broadband can sometimes be caused by incidents in your exchange area, such as broken cables, storm damage, vandalism or theft.

To see if there are any major issues in your area that might be affecting a large num ...


Exchange Status Checker

This tool is provided such that people can obtain more information about the exchange their line is connected to. This includes information relating to when ADSL became available and where it is located. ...


Scattered across the internet are status pages for ISPs, telephone service providers and others. Finding those status pages can often be a chore. This page contains links to the major providers and their status pages.

Where ISPs have multiple b ...


The notices below are from our suppliers, for information about Zen faults and maintenance please view our service alerts. Please note that the fix/update dates and times provided in these notices are estimates and could be subject to change.