Advanced Format

With hard drives getting larger and larger there is not need to have small clusters. Advanced Format uses 16k clusters instead of the usual 4K cluster. So to keep a modern hard driver running correctly withou uneeded overheads a hard drive that is using Advanced Format and the 16K clsuter size, it needs to be formatted with a AF aware operating systems so the cluster boundaries align correctly so the hard drive on has to read a cluster once instead of multiple times. This is why tehre are alignment tools which correct this issue. The incorrect format is almost always caused by formatting a drive with a non AF aware operating system like XP.

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A change is coming in the hard drive industry. As storage densities have increased dramatically over the years, one of the most elemental aspects of hard drive design, the logical block format size know as a sector, has remained constant.

Begin ...


This section outlines a range of scenarios involving the use of Advanced Format drives and describes actions that should be taken to optimize performance in each case. These actions typically depend on the OS being used.

When running an OS that ...


What is partition alignment and why? Does it have something to do with the 2048-sector gap between two logical partitions?