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A quality collection of benchmark tools for everything.


JScreenFix is a software solution that can fix stuck pixels, reduce screen burn-in and improve the quality of images displayed on a screen. Also basic information on the symptoms, ie screen burn and stuck pixels


Computer PC and Android diagnostics hardware & software burn-in stress test repair troubleshooting tools & pc burn-in, from Ultra-X, Inc.

This is the hardcore technicians equipment and software for refurbishing and diagnosing issues on ...


Disk Alignment Test is a freeware that checks the volume alignment. Up-to-date disks built with Advanced Format technology requires the right alignment to achieve the best performance. Disk Alignment Test will check your disks for seconds and give advi ...

Category:Advanced Format

The Challenge

The problem of inevitable degradation of the disk subsystem performance caused by misaligned partitions dates back to the nineties. From being a headache for IT administrators who wanted to get the most out of dis ...

Category:Advanced Format