sites that are not blogs or forums

There are a few good motherboard databases on the net, but they lack one thing - they don't tell specifically what processors can be used in the motherboards. The purpose of CPU-Updgrade site will be just that - to host a motherboard database that will ...


Latest news and detailed information, identification and pictures of vintage and modern microprocessors.


GPUZoo is an online database of video and 3D graphics cards, with extra tools for comparing card specifications, and displaying a chart of all cards, that have certain characteristics. Each card page includes comments section, where you can post correc ...


Laptop and Notebook reviews with prices and ratings. Some technology news and all brands covered. Some of the reviews have excellent and indepth analysis.


Expert reviews of new laptops, tablets and smartphones, plus buying guides and tech news. Laptop Mag (part of Tom's Guide) simplifies your mobile life.


This is a foreign website and not in english but you can still search for the laptop model numbers in the search box. The resulting diagrams are all in english.


Laptop and Notebook repair and troubleshooting tips and articles. This site has well written articles on how to repair laptop hardware covering such things and graphic chip repair and stripping laptops.

Visited221 offers the latest notebook and laptop reviews, as well as price comparisons, support forums and news.