A step by step guide on how to enable graphics by DSDT injectiona step by step guide on how to enable graphics by DSDT injection. This guide will allow you to directly inject information via your DSDT, therefore eliminating the use of methods such as Enab ...


When installing and tweaking your Hackintosh, one the first things to do is enablie the full power of your graphics card. Apple's OS X uses Quartz Extreme and Core Image (QE/CI) technologies as foundations in the operating system.  This is a tutorial to d ...


How to Format & Partition a Hard Drive in OS X - Tiger and Leopard


solution to Still waiting for root device. It is an icorrect or missing Hard Disk controller


This artilce will show you how to setup networking on an Apple Mac so you can share files between it and a windows PC.


This article show you how to manually create GFX/EFI strings for your hackintosh on how to use them to get acceleration out of your graphics card


How to get 2 Graphics cards going with GFX Strings in OSX86. GFX is also known as EFI. This is a manual method.


How to create nVidia EFI string for Geforce the simple way. This article also has links on how to change the DVI and VGA ports amongst other things for your graphics card.


Still waiting for root device error occured because the appropriate Sata/Pata driver isn’t being loaded. This error usually appears before OSX86 DVD can boot and in some cases it occurs after installation.


A basic guide to setting up the network card driver and settings in VMWare for Mac OS X.