This forum thread includes information on how to uninstall ComboFix and remove catchme.sys which is a driver file that it uses.


This is a very easy to read article explaining the difference between Virus and Malware, but basically Virus are a subset of Malware.


If your infected with malware virus, trojans, worms and real nasty bootkit, well this video is for you. I show you how to remove these using a free program call UVK. Programs that UVK downloads are all the main types of virus removal programs like. Mal ...


If you are receiving notifications that your trial has expired, there are two ways you can end these:

  1. Click the End Free Trial button
  2. Click Activate and

This page contains step by step instructions on how to remove Conduit Toolbar and from Internet Explorer,Firefox and Google Chrome.


It's sometimes convenient, and occasionally even necessary, to run anti-malware software before Windows boots or when it can't. Windows Defender Offline is Microsoft's solution that allows you to do just that. I'll show how to download and use it, and ...