Attack Maps

These are articles on attack maps. I have added most of these to the websites section of this topic.

Digital Attack Map displays the tens of thousands of attacks against the websites of newspapers, businesses and charities every day. Visit to see how digital attacks affects the world and study its correlations to physical conflict and instability.


It LOOKS like laser warfare with China and the USA blasting each other with Russia and Europe caught in the middle.


These maps show how many hacking attacks are happening around the world every second.


Cyber-intelligence firm builds heatmap to show online attacks around the world as they happen


The live interactive map was released by St Louis-based security firm Norse (shown). It can be used to see where global web attacks are starting and ending.


Norse 'dark intelligence' has a 'live' map of global hacks on honeypots and Kaspersky Lab has an interactive cyber threat map that updates in real-time. Careful not to get sucked in as the amazingly hypnotic maps are serious time eaters.


This site was not working when i made this link but hopefully it is now. If it is and this description is still here can you send me an email and i will update it.


It seems nearly every day we’re reading about Internet attacks aimed at knocking sites offline and breaking into networks, but it’s often difficult to visualize this type of activity. In this post, we’ll take a look at multiple ways o ...