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How to guides for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone. We also publish reviews for technical books, security solutions, hardware & smartphones.


This site is all about the automation of Windows configuration using the command-line batch files. You can find here some tweaks and software to configure your operating system faster and easier.

Its main feature is that it lists all of the ser ...


DllDump has thousands of dll files for free. Find the exact dll file you are looking and fix your problem fast.

You have reached on of the largest collections of .dll files available on the internet. Each and every file on our site is available ...


Home of free inf files. Hundreds of inf file downloads available at no charge. Download the file you need today.

You have reached one of the largest collection of .inf files available on the internet. Each and every file on this site is availab ...

Visited55 is an e-mail notification system that scans the entire Microsoft Knowledge Base every night, and e-mails you when updates or additions are made to the technologies you subscribe to. Since we scan the entire knowledge base, we also have a p ...


A Microsoft forum for end users. This is active with Microsoft staff and knowledgeable members covering all Microsoft products.


Download most microsoft files and updates here.


Microsoft official help and support articles and knowledgebase.


This is the support portal where you can actually talk to a real Microsoft representitive. Not all issues will get you a real person. Activation issues in particular will though.

Areas Covered

  • Windows
    • ...


This is Microsoft portal to TechNet which has solutions and answers to Microsoft related problem, both easy and complex. It also has a community of various levels answering and posting questions. Massive forum. Some news items aswell.


Unique collection of freeware desktop utilities, system utilities, password recovery tools, components, and free source code.

The amount of useful windows applications and tools cannot be ignored. This is a must look at website.


ProcessLibrary is a free resource by Uniblue Systems Ltd. that provides information about processes and DLLs running or found on Windows PCs.

Process Library is the unique and indispensable process listing database since 2004 Now counting 140,0 ...


Learn about Windows service packs and download the latest updates for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Get the latest service pack or update for your version o ...


This is a website dedicated to the issue of svchost. What is it? What is it running? etc...


Welcome to Tutorials Room, the fastest growing tutorials site where you will find hundreds of free tutorials on:

  • Photoshop
  • Flash
  • Web Development
  • Windows
  • Multimedia
  • Linux & Unix
  • ...


The official website for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Explore Windows information, get downloads, and find the latest PCs for Windows.

A Microsoft website to make it easier to use your version of windows.


Repair, reinstall, install, upgrade any Windows operating system 'help' website.


AnswersThatWork is the ultimate online HelpDesk for PC Tuning & PC Troubleshooting, to Fix PC Problems, Speed Up slow PCs, and for Computer Tips & Solutions, Network, Software, Hardware, or Networking Problems, as well as Fixing Computer Proble ...