Disable Prefetch, SuperFetch, And Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing - Can You Get More Space Or Speed From Your SSD?


I installed Windows 7 RC. When ever I am booted into Win7 one of my hard drives (probably not system drive - sounds like my secondary storage drive) is constantly working. Not very much but still making sounds.

I have completely turned off inde ...


I have 6GB of ram, a fresh install of Windows 7 x64, and the screenshot shows what happens after leaving my PC on for a couple days. (3782+MB being used by modified memory ATM).


I am a new user of Vista Home Premium.  I just purchased an HP Pavilion m8200n desktop.

Periodically, upon startup, my disk drive gets beat to death.  When disk activity finally ceases, I find a large file in "C:\System Volume Informa ...


I've noted recently that Windows 7 on my machine has been complaining about running out of memory and that I should close some programs. It would then usually point out a program I have running that does have a memory leak and has grown quite large. Ho ...


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Want to Make Windows 7 Faster than before? Here are the Best Steps, Tweaks & Software's to Speed Up Windows 7 and get the maximum performance out of it.


Enough cannot be said about the importance of doing a fresh, full and clean installation of Windows 7 on your computer if it has never been done in the past. New computers contain vast amounts of bloatware (trial programs, manufacture specific utilitie ...