Add drivers to an Offline installation

sometime you need to add drivers to an Offline installation of windows or an image file.

The following procedure demonstrates how to use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool to add a device driver (.inf) to an offline Windows® PE image. Before you can run a DISM command, you must first mount the Windows P ...


This article describes the steps to add Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-supplied drivers to Windows installations. This article only includes drivers that are typically installed during graphical user interface (GUI)-mode Setup or after Setup by ...


Welcome to DriverPacks Tutorial.

  • You want to integrate drivers into Windows Setup and found out manually integrating a driver is tedious and unforgiving work.
  • We like it the other way.
  • We want Windows and Hardware set ...


We’ve covered it before but it’s worth taking another look at the little-known version of Windows that is used to run the Windows Vista installation process: Windows PE 2.0.

It’s available as a standalone streamlined operating ...


If you need a process to find and install drivers post process (after Windows or later as an update)


If a Windows 7 PC with “unknown” (aka Driver missing) will simply connect to Windows Update, check if a matching driver is found and install it. This works fine when using this at home, but it does not work if you are inside a corporate net ...


I have been reading that injecting the drivers via dism increases the size of the image (it is no very important), the problem i have seen, after the system is installed, all the drivers are stored in the folder "C:\Windows ...