How to fix an XP\Win 2000 System that freezes after loading mup.sys while booting

Although there are multiple solutions, the one I think worked for me is that it was the file loaded just before mup.sys that caused the issue and in particular i think it was an anti-virus software that had cleaned the file loaded before mup.sys and had left it present but with a file size of 0bytes, so rather that a message coming up saying missing file, it just hangs.

When I load up windows xp pro it finishes the blue bar loading screen and then goes into a blank screen. I loaded up safe mode and noticed that it was stuck at the driver mup.sys . The last thing I did with this computer before this problem was unplug ...


Troubleshooting tips and proven fixes that will help you recover from a windows XP mup.sys hang when you can't boot safe mode. What is mup.sys and what does it do?


My machine has suddenly decided to stop booting, tried booting from safe mode (all options), but it hangs after Mup.sys. Tried booting from CD to get to the recovery console but this hangs after "Setup is starting windows" message.