I want enable caching for all files in subfolders, but disable caching for files in folder /media/images

Structure of site i cant't change.


Did you know you can dramatically decrease the size and increase the speed of your website using only .htaccess? Automatic compression of resources, ETags and Expires Headers are frequently overlooked items that can greatly improve your website's perfo ...


Caching is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are developing a website which is expected to get large amount of visitors. Most web developers neglect caching, some even don’t know correct ways to implement it.

In th ...


I am trying to tell the client that all css and js wont change for 1 month so they can cache they files.


Many years ago, HTTP 1.1 introduced specialized Cache Control directives to control the behavior of browser caches and proxy caches. These were a refinement over the HTTP 1.0 headers that programmers were using to control the behavior of caches. Though ...


An excellent tuorial on web Caching. It is easy to read and very useful for the uninitiated.


Making sure .htaccess is ok - Configuring Expires and Cache-Control response headers


Website speed has always been a big deal, though I would argue that it’s an even bigger deal in today’s world where people are used to instant information. If you’re anything like me, when a website takes longer than, maybe, 10 second ...


earlier i tried to expires headers. but my site always update. then i put my expires headers to htaccess file. so now not get quick update from web browser. so its very dangerous for my site. now i want to disable it. how to do it and if someone know h ...


I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this.

The Page Speed addon calls it "Leverage Browser Caching" and YSlow tells me to "Add Expires Headers"

Overall I am trying to reduce the huge loading ...


A description of browser caching and how to use it for your web pages to improve page speed.


Add these rules to your .htaccess file in order to reduce the load times of web pages by storing commonly used files from your website on your visitors browser.


This is an excellent article on how caching works. It is easy to use and has a caching example built into the page so you can examine the different types of cache.


an article on 'Last Modified Header vs Expire Header vs eTag' discussing the pros and cons of each of the options and what they do.


This rule triggers when PageSpeed Insights detects that the response from your server does not include caching headers or if the resources are specified to be cached for only a short time.


Fetchin ...


This tutorial explains how you add Expires headers to your .htaccess file. This will help you improve the performance of your website, based on Google’s and Yahoo’s recommended performance guidelines.


Ok I got them both working. Now which one is better? Are there any differences as to how each browser reads and implements them? thanks!


This is a page written by google about web caching and best practises. It is easy reading and a good start to explain terms and options.


When i test my website for SpeedTest i'm seeing a lot of expiration not specified error.You can see at this page .