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Recently one of the developers here (the only one who uses Windows) experienced an interesting issue where connecting to a particular MySQL host (on the same network) would take upwards of 5 seconds (whether from PHP or MySQL Workbench).

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I'm developing in PHP and MySQL locally using XAMPP on Windows. The web site is fairly fast when not connecting to any database. However, when I connect to the MySQL database, a simple request now takes approximentaly a second.

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Is it normal for Jquery Ajax with sql queries on the other side have the minimum duration of 1 sec? I've tried $.get, $.post, $.getjson, $.ajax(), $.ajax(). As I've said, it's the minimum, it could get worse to about 3 ...

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I have just done a fresh install of Xampp 1.8 (following all the "do this first" warnings) and it works.
The only problem is that connecting to mysql is soooo slow.

any pages with php arrive quickly when I navigate to localhost in the brow ...

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Now a few of my projects are getting much bigger and the need for having dedicated Database servers are now more appealing than ever.

With MySQL when setting it up I noticed that when trying to access a remote database from an application serve ...

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I recently moved my development from XP to Windows 7 and found that webpages I had developed were taking 5 seconds long to load. This was unacceptable of course so I had to track down the problem. I eventually tracked down the offending function/method ...

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I just did a fresh install of XAMPP. When first opening PHPMyAdmin I noticed it was extremely slow. It didn't make sense that on localhost it should take almost 5 seconds for every page to open.

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