Have a look at 30 free Joomla extensions and modules that can significantly improve your blog, portfolio, business or e-Commerce site.

When you decide to build your site with Joomla, you will definitely need more functionality than the starter ...


If your client has more than one person maintaining the site, you should consider providing role-based ACL. What is "role-based" ACL and why should you use it instead of the 1.5 approach of ACL?

This article describes how to setup AC ...


A customer want to add Border-Radius & Rounded Corners into images, i know how to add round corners with CSS3 but never try for images, so i search from the web and find CSS3 Rounded Image With jQuery by


If you cannot login in to the admin section of your joomla this article is for you. It goes through multiple soltions and has feedback from other users.


This page gives the main information about the T3 V2 Framework from Joomlart to allow you to develop your own template using their system. This page is has all the information you will need while using a worked example.


reCAPTCHA is a great addition to Joomla 2.5 without any plugins and you can quickly enable Captcha (reCAPTCHA) system to the Joomla contact form, registration form and login form.

This article tell you how to enable the native reCAPTCHA Featur ...


This article tells you how you can add opensearch to your joomla website. Basically this allows you to add your site to be search from the search box that is integrated into your browser.


In this tutorial, we will show how to convert a Joomla 1.5 template to Joomla 2.5 template. We will take default Joomla 1.5 template "rhuk_milkyway" as an example and convert it to Joomla 2.5 native compatible template.


Joomla unfortunately has no built-in-function for setting the canonical tag. We have to get the right seo link from the menu items and set it manually.

We coded a small PHP script which uses the Joomla-API to get the seo link from the currently ...


This forum post tells you how to configure Mega Menu items


although this article tells you how to turn on the article publish date, you can also use it to learn how to turn it off.


How to set up a better user experience for your clients — while enhancing usability — by using ACL on the back end of Joomla


This is a tutorial that goes through all aspects of Joomlas caching system, modules and settings


This is a large repository of Articles and tutorials covering all aspects of Joomla. There are articles on how to fix some of the most common problems so is worth a look.


On August 9, the name for the January 2012 Joomla release changed from Joomla 1.8 to 2.5. Joomla's release schedule has been described in its development strategy, and much analysis has been put forth as to whether one should upgrade websites or not t ...


This article descibed what to do to finish a faulty upgrade. What seems to happens that not all the plugins and new stuff from joomla 2.5 gets installed properely. Rather than starting again you can just follow these instructions to finish the partial ...


Projectfork is the most popular Joomla project management extension.

In this tutorial, we're going to give you step-by-step directions on how to use Projectfork. We're going to create a project, add milestones to the project, add to-do tasks a ...


Basic tutorials on joomla templates, there is also an example theme to work with.


Providing a great content management solution is one thing. Convincing customers to buy it from you is another. Successfully selling a Joomla-based solution involves both sales fundamentals and a message that speaks to Joomla's strengths while thoroug ...


One of the most depressing things in the internet world is when you discover your website has been hacked. The uncertainty and mistrust can terrify administrators and worse - your customers. For that purpose we created this guide. It aims to provide s ...