This article although for a specific company can be used for most providers. It tells you how to create your own custom nameservers on your hosting package.


As we have released our own code to implement Google Analytics, I thought we might as well share the steps we have taken to build a basic funnel in ...


This article discusses transferring a domain name from one registrar to another registrar, which is different than transfering a web hosting plan.


Configuring WHMCS to work as a billing system for web hosting explained in a couple of steps. This is more of a checklist.


All questions and aswers relating to 'ID Protect'


This page tells you what country a TLD belongs to or for what purpose it what intended

ie .mobi is the sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) dedicated to consumers and providers of mobile products and services.


This tutorial talks you throught he basics of configuring your WHMCS package to talk to your cPanel WHM / server.


If anyone here can tell me how to access the smarty $template value (also the same as the &systpl= value) via an action hook, I'd appreciate it.