Product loading in a module

I used this information to help me develop my own module that displayed products and their images.

I have a wishlist module I purchased for customers to create wishlists and add products to it and such. I would like my customers to be able to add products to their list directly from the category pages displayed using product-list.tpl.

Howeve ...


Is there anyway to add more specials to the specials block? Right now it only has one, I would like to edit it so it would stretch down to the end of my page, by adding more specials.

This is a forum thread dealing with this topic.


Is it possible as a customer to a Prestashop based store, to get it to show you all products?
Just in a list like it does for new products, specials etc?         ...


I would like to create a page that shows a list of products with a specific reference field.

This is a forum thread dealing with this topic.


This is a redesign of the native new products block. Its based on the Prestashop Default theme, so will probably need a few tweaks for customised themes.

This is an old article but can be adapted for newer versions.


Hi, could anyone advise me on what would be the best way to get product info such as price and description and display it on a module in the left/right column on the


This tutorial can actually work for any block that you would like to display more than one item in the list. For this instance I wanted to display two items in the specials block instead of one.


Would like to change the home featured to show only products with reduced price OR products on sale.


I'm facing some problems to load category and product name in header.tpl. Since the smarty arrays that contains this info are loaded after header.tpl, i cant use the or variables in header.tpl. How can i do that? assign this variables to header?


Hi, I am new to prestashop and need some help. I uploaded a 750x500 pxl image of one of my products. But when I click on it to enlarge, it does not open in its original size. How and where do I need to make changes to open a product's image on its orig ...


Do we have a module that list all of the products that the customers have viewed in the middle of the page? I know we have a block on left or right column. But I want a page that will list all of the viewed product so that customers can view the produc ...