All issue related to theming your prestashop or custom theme.


Instructions on Adding reCAPTCHA to contact form (for version 1.4.x). These can probably be altered for later versions.


How to create a custom Prestashop theme and all required modules for a given design and how to install and configure it on the Prestashop website framework.


This is basic article on creating a prestashop theme. The article is getting old now but might be worth a read.


Adding product images in the default Prestashop Ajax cart can be tricker than expected, let's see how to do it properly!


A list of the tpl pages of prestashop

When creating a theme, you have to think up front of all the various pages and pieces of information that your theme has to handle correctly, in order to offer a complete experience to your customer. Here a ...


In this tutorial I will show you how to create full width footer in Prestashop 1.5.  We will edit only one file. No global.css file modification, no javascript , no php scripts  - just some simple changes in footer.tpl templa ...


If you have download a template from Presta-theme-maker there's a very simple Youtube video showing the whole installation process in 3 minutes. In case you do ...


I'm trying to edit the following code in tmheaderlinks.tpl in my Prestashop installation so that when "About Us" is clicked it will become "active" as do the other links.


I am new to Presta Shop and trying to create a custom theme. I have read about the documented way to do this by extending the current module css/template files where necessary here:

Prestashop is arguably the #1 open-source e-Commerce solution on the web. It offers countless features, add-ons, and themes, but its lack of good documentation has given newcomers the perception that it's unapproachable. In this article, I'll walk you ...