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Slow Samsung Evo 850 SSD

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These are my reseach notes for trying to find out why my new Samsung Evo 850 SSD was not running at advertised speeds in my Dell E6540 Laptop.

Settings I tried and the results:

  • Chipset drivers set as IRRT but running in ACHI mode in bios (No Change)
  • using a standard ahci drive from microsoft 2006 causing issues (No Change)
  • use intel RST technology but make sure this is the driver being used (No Change)
  • c state setting in bios (No Change)
  • Disable the samsung RAPID Mode  as it is only a RAM disk
  • Intel speed step disabled (a bit better)
  • Single core rather than multi (slower IOPS read if i restrict to 1 core because not proper 1 CPU emulation, 1 core giving half speed and thus maxing the core out.)
  • UEFI / Legacy MBR (No Change)

Other Settings Not tried or are not applicable:

  • I can bump those 4K random read/writes up by disabling C1e and c-states in my BIOS
  • Other power settings in bios

So the Specific Settings I have available in my Dell E6540 are:

  • System Status
    • SATA Operation = AHCI
  • Performance
    • Multi Core Support
    • Intel SpeedStep
    • C-States Control
    • Intial Turboboost

None of these made any difference.

Other things to try that have been suggested:

  • Try safe mode
  • Try running prime 59 whilst running the Performance program because the CPU is kicked in fully
  • Window has power management features that could throttle the CPU
  • See if the drive is faulty by trying it in a Desktop PC with a powerful SATA chipset.


It is my chipset that has a limitation. Not all laptops were designed to handle SSD speeds because when these laptops were getting designed, SSDs were not main stream yet.


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