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Empty large database tables in Prestashop

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Some tables get really big and some of them can be emptied easily. This helps your store to run better.

There are 2 plugins that makes like a lot easier

  • PrestaShop database optimization module - clean up your db! (Recommend) - This module is great tool to clean up store database. Use this free addon and decrease your website load time. How it works? PrestaShop store a lot of unnecessary informations in database, this module allows to clean all unwanted informations, like abandoned carts, connections informations, guests informations etc. Remember that it removing stats. Sometimes these tables have got a lot of informations, just clean them with this free addon!. You can delete all of the large tables in Prestashop database (PS v1.4 - v1.6)
  • Delete connections - Prestashop module - This module increase your site speed deleting and optimizing the database in the tables connections, connections_source, connections page, cart, etc. This module is usefull when you have a lot of visits and the size of these tables are too big. To save space, you can use this module whitout any problem (your server can suspend your account if your database is too big in shared hostings). Now optimizes all tables and delete the abandoned carts of visitors to save space and delete expired vouchers to save database space, and clear the smarty files in the database (PS 1.6+). Supports (PS v1.2 - v1.6).


Statistics Tables


You need to uninstall the stats module before emptying these, there should be a retain period setting

Manual Table Deletion

I have not tried this and it is the hard way of doing things. A user has used this SQL query to clean his database (possibly taken from one of the links below)

TRUNCATE TABLE `ps_connections`;

TRUNCATE TABLE `ps_connections_page`;

TRUNCATE TABLE `ps_connections_source`;

TRUNCATE TABLE `ps_page_viewed`;

TRUNCATE TABLE `ps_guest`;



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