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GApps installation, issues and solutions

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Issues when installing GApps

Some times when you install GApps you get Google Play services errors or similar things. This is because of the following reasons

  • Wrong gapps version
  • You have used a too large package (not 100% on this)
  • You already had a corrupt/damaged/incorrect version of gapps installed
  • The system partition is too full. (use smaller GApps)


When you have issues with gapps the only way to fix it is to do the following (verified by me)

  1. Download the correct version of gapps that matches your android version. Select the slim version if you have less that 500mb /system/ partition. You might be able to install large packages but istalling the slim version will work. You can later install the larger version following these instruictions or if you like can start with the larger package but just be aware of this possible issue
  2. Copy over your CM ROM and GApps package to your SD Card on your phone
  3. Boot into recovery mode and I have CWM (clockworkmod)
  4. format /system/
  5. wipe /cache/
  6. wipe /dalvik-cache/ (in advanced options)
  7. install your CM ROM again via the install.zip
  8. install the correct gapps package via the install.zip
  9. reboot
  10. enter your Google Account data again
  11. you should now have a working Google Play

information for these instructions found here and expanded by me.

** add websites where appropriate to my links directory


  • small version is for 512mb system partition or less, i think 512mb is very close
  • also make sure that the GApps package is the same as the installed version of android, those on cyanogenmod are not up to date and are possibly mislabelled
  • You might be able to use a larger package, and you could probably do this by installing over, however if there are issues a wipe and re-install method as listed above is recommended.
  • If you have faults with you google apps, you must system wipe an re-install, it is not likely you will fix anything by just uploading a new copy of GApps
  • tried the 'small' GApps from download.cyanogemod.com for my version of android and i got errors.
  • the package size of google Apps you choose is basically limited on your system partition size. However if uncertain install the slim verion and see if that works first.

Various errors that can happen with the wrong GApps installed:

  • Crashing Play Store (also “no connection”)
  • Crashing Browser/Hangouts/Play Service..
  • Also, I was not able to register my google account anymore and it terminated with an error like “could not connect to the google servers”.
  • Some of the error messages I encountered:
    • “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped”
    • “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”
    • “No connection” in Google Play Store


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