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Blackjack Solderwerks BK 6000 Notes

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These are my questions about the Blackjack BK6000 SMD rework station and the answers from Circuit Specialists (Brett).

Question Set 1

  • Blackjack bk 6050, is it better than the BK 6000?
    They are different units - the BK 6050 does not have a hot air gun, but does have a 70W soldering iron that uses the standard tips - the BK 6000 uses the cartridge style tips. It's difficult to compare the units because the facets of each differ. They are both good units and the best unit will be determined by what you need. i.e. if you need hot air, that rules out the BK 6050. If you don't need hot air, perhaps then the BK 6050 is the better choice.
  • Can you have the soldering iron without the fume extractor on? Yes
  • Are the soldering tips the type with the heating element in them and are the cartridges standards? Yes
  • Are all the tips and filters standard? Yes, we have replacements in our store
  • What warranty do I get? 12 months
  • Can you confirm the gun, iron and wand heat ranges
    Iron - 250 degrees C - 480 degrees C
    Desoldering Pistol - 200 degrees C - 480 degrees C
    Hot Air - 100 degrees C - 480 degrees C
  • Can I use other brand tips/parts etc..?
    We know that Aoyue tips are compatible. We also have over 30 different types available on our site.
  • Is this suitable for lead and lead free? Yes
  • Is it a rebranded aouyne?
    Presume you mean Aoyue? - It's not a re-branded anything. These units have been designed from scratch, although there are a number of similarities with the Aoyue brand.
  • Is blackjack your in-house brand name? yes

Question Set 2

  • The desoldering gun, is this as capable as the hakko 808 as I need a desoldering gun, but already have a kada 852d+ smd rework station. I was thinking about replacing this while I was purchasing a desoldering gun with the bk 6050 instead of just bying a desoldering gun.
  • I want to make sure I buy a station that just works.
  • Can you recommend a desoldering gun, I do not know what is best, all self contained or one with a station.

I've no experience of the Hakko 808, so it's difficult for me to provide any comparison.

What I can tell you is that both the BK 6050 and BK 6000 are good stations. Both have a 70W output on the desoldering side, so should be more than capable of doing the job.
Sorry I can't give you any more insight into the station against the hand-held solution.

I would imagine that a pistol backed by a station would have more power, but again with no direct comparison to make in terms of the items we stock (station vs handheld), but I stress that I am speculating rather than speaking from a position of having tested handheld units.

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Question set 3

I only noticed after you mentioned about the 6000 having cartridge type heating and the 6050 having sheath.

  • Can you use a 6050 sheath type iron on the 6000 ?
    No. The circuitry is different and the pin-out is also different.
  • Are cartridge type tips more used by proffessionals because they are hotter and have better thermal recovery?
    Yes, absolutely right.
  • Will blackjack be making a station where all 3 (iron/wand/gun) are connected at the same time? (this is the only downfall I have found)
    No current plans. This would significantly increase the cost, with no major benefit other than convenience. We did look at this option but decided that anyone really wanting to run an iron at the same time as the tweezer could do so with our BK 3000LF, which uses the same tips. The cost of adding an extra peripheral would not be far off the price of a whole new station.  It makes more sense to offer a bundle price on a BK 6000 and BK 3000LF for example for those who need 2 irons at the same time. From experience most people do not and are happy to change them over. 

Question Set 4

  • When the gun is connected, Is the vacuum pump active all the time or only when the button on the desoldering pump is pressed. Only when the button on the gun is pushed
  • When the soldering iron is connected is the vacuum pump always on? Can this be toggled? There is a switch to toggle the pump for the smoke absorber
  • Is the vacuum generator double cylinder like the BK4000? Yes
  • Can you give specific compatible Aoyue tips/model numbers for the soldering iron and gun. The reason for this is so I don’t feel trapped in your eco system. Even though you supply everything. I am guessing Aoyue 2702A+ ?
    Any tips with a WQ- or LF- prefix. Aoyue use these prefixes too. Iron is the B012 and pistol the B1003A. I believe that Aoyue also use these numbers and the parts are compatible.
  • Are you able to supply spare parts (including internals)? Yes
  • Is and the same company? Related but not the same company.
  • Are there any plans for a Aoyue 2703a+ clone, I would buy your version of this right now because of the dual port and an added extra of 5 stage rework programming?
    We are looking into this, but I have no firm info at the moment on whether we will add or when it would be added. It would be a good addition to our range though. If it were to be added, I would anticipate at least a 6 month lead time for it to be designed and approved.


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