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My Capacitor Notes

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Answers from h.m.comp on ebay

400V 100uF 105°C electrolytic radial Capacitor

is this low ESR ?
No these are not low ESR caps.

do you have one that is, same specs. it is for a power supply in a tft monitor. i have installed this cap and the monitor is now working but i believe that it will not last unless i put a low esr one in. am i right?
Out of experience i can say that the big capacitor in power boards for LCD Monitors and TV's do rarely fail.
They are usually High temp/Long Life capacitors and usually outlive the smaller caps.
You will find the datasheet for this one here:
I do have a panasonic version of the 400v 100uf ,but again this is i high temp/long life capacitor too.

The big capacitor i swapped had spilt its guts so has definately gone.
High temp/Long Life capacitors = not ESR ?
so using this nichion capacitor should be ok?
Yes they will be ok for power supplies.I have used them many times myself.

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