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Silastic Thermal Glue

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What is Silastic Thermal Glue?

This is a silicon based glue that is used among other things to glue electronic components to circuit boards which is addition to soldering the component. The purpose is to prevent the component from vibrating durin use or transport which can increase the life of the component. The glue used for electronics is electrically inert to prevent conduction and is also resistant to high temperatures.

Silastic Thermal Glue has many different types and different uses, not just electronics so it is important that you use the correct type for you application.

{add image of silastic glue on a motherboard)

Silastic Thermal Glue is not to be confused with Termal Paste although they probably share a heritage and there might be a crossover is the glue that is used to glue a heatsink to a CPU.


  • Do not use normal silicon or glue this will be unsafe and can damage your electronics
  • Be careful you select the right type of glue as there are glues for Heatsinks and that of components
  • RTV = room temperature vulcanizing

Also Know as:

  • Thermal Adhesive
  • Electronic Grade Silicone

703 704 705 (chinese glue)

These glues are available on ebay and alibaba but i have managed to get the data sheet and an image with the different types of the glue on a piece of paper so you can see what they look like.

703 704 705 physical manifestation

703 704 705 datasheet

Notes about 703, 704 and 705


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There are some differences among 705, 704 and 703:

WH-703 silicone rubber :( white, black):
Properties and Uses:
Cold water resistance, good adhesion, better than the 704 silicone, but prone to yellow light, temperature -60 ℃ - + 150 ℃. Can be used underwater instrumentation moisture sealing, potting submarine cables, small motor magnetic tile adhesive, ignition coil, coated front sensor potting table, car chassis, sealed refrigerated equipment and so on.

Widely used in electronic components bonding, sealing, insulation; anti-leakage, corrosion and surface protection device management.

WH-704 silicone rubber :( white, black)
Properties and Uses:
Temperature good, intolerance blisters, adhesive force of less than 703 silicone, easy to break repair, not yellow after curing, temperature -60 ℃ - + 250 ℃. Widely used in electric heaters, electric control, instrumentation, analytical electrode, electric plugs, electric heaters bonding, sealing, insulation; corrosion and surface protection device management.

WH-705 silicone rubber :( transparent)
Properties and Uses:
Transparent, easy to overhaul, used the occasion to be optically transparent, and SCR, rectifier tube tops protection. Widely used as a transparent RTV, fast curing cement and water. Temperature -60 ℃ - + 200 ℃.

Widely used in electronics, instrumentation, chemical, light industry, machinery industry, bonding, sealing, insulation, potting; surface protection device management. Has excellent electrical insulation and arc resistance, moisture, shock.

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Other Silastic Glues

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Also known as

  • White Silicone Thermal Plaster/Glue/Adhesive/Paste (these terms are not precise and are for help in searching on eBay only)
  • thermal glue
  • heatsink plaster


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