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Spudger and Pry Tools

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These are my notes on those plastic opening tools for those fiddly phones and electronic devices that dont want to be opened.

A Spudger is also known as:

  • Spludger
  • Pry Tool
  • Prying Tool
  • Opening Tool
  • Pry Bar
  • Case Opening Tool
  • Guitar Paddle (searching for these make a Spudger cheaper)
  • Plectrum

All terms can prefixed with either: Metal / Plastic / Nylon

There are loads of different types of spudger, both plastic and metal. The most famous is the DottorPod iSesamo which is a metal blade with a plastic handle specifically designed for opening iPhones. The iSesamo requires care when being used because it is sharp metal

I have discovered that the plectrums are sold as Spludgers or pry tools as they are ideal for the job and because they are plastic they are not likely to damage your electronic goods.

Spudger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My advice, now that you know the different names of a Spludger, search on eBay and find the ones that suit your need. I found the following a good list:

  • Plectrum Spludgers
  • iSesamo
  • Bar Style Nylon Spludger
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