Here are 5 free Firefox add-ons to open multiple links together in new tabs. Most of these plugins can open links directly from a webpage.


I saw multiple posts recently where people wanted to know which addons are redundant, so I decided to do some tests and research.


This is a reference to the entries in about:config, where all user preferences can be viewed and modified. In most cases the list below doesn't state whether a given preference applies to all, or only some (and which), of Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla ...


This page has a video tutorial on how to change Firefox User Agent String


Using the scroll wheel on my mouse in Firefox often (but not always) causes FF to jump backwards and forwards in the browser history. I think it is possible to disable it in Firefox, but I can't find it in the options menu. Can someone please tell me w ...


I am looking for a Firefox addon or Chrome extension that would allow me to disable particular javascript file from running. There are many of those for disabling particular CSS file, cannot seem to find one that does the same with JS files. Is there s ...


If you are experiencing difficulty downloading or viewing images in Firefox, follow the troubleshooting instructions in this article.


Once upon a time I have installed an extension, that is no longer available: YouTube Smart Pause.

Is there any way to export this extension back into the xpi file, so I can give it to my friends? There are solutions that allow exporting whole e ...


I love discovering new music. Recently I am using a lot. I like the idea of being proposed music I would love by someone who has the same taste of music like me. For me, it is the ultimate inter ...


Sometimes, while debugging your Web app (or client-side code using Necko), it can be useful to log HTTP traffic. This article provides useful information on how to do this using the tools built into Firefox. The section Logging HTTP activity provides b ...


If you’re the type of person that likes to print off long articles for offline reading, then you’ve no doubt had the same irritation as me: How do I disable the page URL from printing on every page? It’s really annoying, and it’ ...


The Firefox Password Manager securely stores the usernames and passwords you use to access websites and then automatically fills them in for you the next time you visit. This article will show you how to use the Password Manager to remember, view, del ...


Users who are not happy with the new appearance of Preferences in Firefox 38 can disable it and restore the old Preferences dialog.


If you are having problems with pages that use plugins (such as Flash, Java, and more) to display content, you may need to check to see whether a plugin is causing th ...


If the Java (TM) Platform plugin for your installed Java version is not detected after updating to Java 7 Update 10 or above, this can be caused by a standalone installation of JavaFX that prevents the Java plugin from being properly r ...


This article describes steps to take if you are unable to download or save files using Firefox.