In general, the Firefox developers update to improve speed whenever a feature is well-tested and unlikely to cause errors. There's no hidden magic button that will triple your browsing speed. That said, experimenting with settings often helps. The most ...


I have to admit that while I do not agree with every decision Mozilla makes in regards to Firefox, I can't really complain about the web browser's performance on my system. It is as stable as it gets, does not use too much memory or cpu, and is a pleas ...


So a lot of pages are loading really slow like minutes, like youtube and mail service and a lot more. It started to happen when i updated to 20.0. Looked up some suggestions and found that about:config network.http.keep-alive to false help. And ...


Firefox sometimes uses more memory (RAM) than it should. This can make Firefox slower, and in extreme cases, it can even make Firefox crash. This article describes how to make Firefox use less memory.


How to Make Firefox MUCH faster than usual and faster than Google Chrome, Safari, etc.


The article talks about various troubleshooting tips and firefox extensions that can turn your browser blazingly fast like never before. This is useful if Firefox is running slow.