By now, you’ve probably heard all about the great benefits of using icon fonts. You may have even used a service like Font Awesome or ...

Follow this how-to guide by an Atlassian designer to make a single icon font for the Atlassian products.


I’ve become a huge fan of using icon fonts recently. I love the fact that graphics elements that are implemented this way are vector based & stylable with CSS. It makes them really easy and flexible to work with.

One of the things that you ...


A demo page of Icon Fonts and the different effects you can easily apply to them.



If you're sick and tired of using SVGs in designs of your layout, you need to consider Icon Fonts. This is a new and really effective step in web design and development.

Probably you’ve heard that using icon fonts is very easy and one can do it ...


Icon library is a blog with tutorials and article son how to use or make icons. It is not updated anymore (or not recently) but there are some really cool articles about icons.


An article on how Google designed its brand icons.


The following is a guest post by by Parker Bennett. While icon fonts are efficient and easy to use and scaleable and all that, one of the classic "strikes" against them is that the icon can only be one color. Park ...


I’ve become a huge, huge fan of icon fonts lately, for reasons well enumerated elsewhere.

However, in learning how to use them, I had to rethink how I wrote markup. For years, I’ve been using background images via CSS for the kinds of visual el ...