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A URL represents a website address. A URL that ends without a slash is usually one used to designate a file. A URL that contains a slash typically represents a directory structure, though not always. This article describes the issues you can have with ...

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We've got a very special bonus video for you today. Our buddy-and the Googliest spam cop to ever walk the webz - Matt Cutts stopped by to do a quick interview in front of ye olde whiteboard. Watch in wonder and amazement as Rand and Matt discuss header ...

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I'm just about to put up a new site and I need to decide between having no trailing slash at the end of the all the URLs, or putting one in there.

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In this GoogleWebmasterHelp YouTube video Matt Cutts explains:

There are a lot of rumors about whether or not slash at the end of a domain makes a difference. Is there a difference between getting a backlink pointing to ...

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