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Here you will find tools to find a keyword niche or research keyword utilising 3rd party services.

With all the fuss about AdWords sunsetting their external keyword tool my thoughts turned to which other tools I use to find and expand my keyword lists. Now, I'm not saying some of the ideas below are earth-shattering and I would hope that if you're m ...


The ongoing SEO responsibility of attaining and retaining a productive organic search engine presence requires patience, tenacity, and a focus on every detail that might have an impact. Moderated by Thom Craver (...

We all use tools and access resources to keep us reacting quickly and professionally in this ever changing industry. On top of that, every day I get requests from people to test or review new resources, think up ideas to build internal tools and many m ...


Since there are thousands of ways that people can begin searching for content or a type of product or service online, creating your own extensive and useful list can be quite the chore. No worries, though, because there are plenty of great keyword rese ...


What are the best ways to boost your position in search engines? What keywords should you use on your web-pages? And which tools should you use to improve the quality of backlinks, link popularity and Google Pagerank? We deliver answers. Here is the li ...


For many years the Overture Keyword Suggestion was the only free, publicly available keyword research tool. Now, due to its recent outages we are pleased to offer an alternative.

Our keyword data is compiled and collected from a number of sear ...


We offer free SEO tools that run from our servers. Run them instantly without downloads. These are free version of our SEOToolSet product. No registration, just free SEO tools.

Free SEO Tools

  • Search Engin ...


  • Free Keyword Rank Checker - Spot check global and local rankings. Finally a simple keyword rank checker that works. Easily check keywords in any country or location in Google or Yahoo. See where your site ranks through the top 2 ...


This site from google allows you to research keywords using googles data. It is very indepth and invaluable for keyword research.


Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool that helps you build Search Network campaigns by finding keyword ideas and estimating how they may perform.


The official collection of search, social, PPC and webmaster tools at Webmaster World. Provide your feedback! Analyze your site with our free SEO tools: from Meta descriptions and keywords, to page speed and link checks, these online tools can be a sol ...


Free webmaster services including SEO, Search Engines, Domain Checkups, HTML, List Cleaner to remove duplicates and many other useful tools.

Search Engines

  • Search Engines Backlink Checker - Find a list of backlin ...


Discover keywords that will be easier to rank. Evaluate keywords to uncover all the data you could ever need!

Get hundreds of long tail & related keyword ideas in seconds with the amazing keyword suggestion to ...


Lipperhey offers free website analysis, free keyword suggestions, free SEO analytics and free backlink checker.

There is also some sort of project management, i guess so you can manually monitor your website.


Some Features are available straight away on the website but you get more features when you register for an account and also some limits are lifted. Some of the tools have 'How To Use' videos. The following services are free bu Majhestic SEO is a comme ...


Use our Free SEO tools for all aspects of SEO on your site or a competitors. Sitemap Generator, Rank checker, and more. The website is modern and well set out.

The Free tools are listed below, the subscriptions are $3 and $6 so ...


SEO Tools Suite - 75 free tools for search engine optimization (SEO), analysis and research.


100 Web tools, Free SEO Tools, Google Tools, Yahoo Tools, MSN Tools, Search engine optimization tools. These tools all work and are easy to use. Modern and well maintained.

This site also offers a service where you can get your own font designe ...