cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel used by nearly every shared hosting provider out there. This is mainly due its ease of use, long term reputation and regular maintenance and security updates. If you are new webmaster, I would strong ...


Working in a shared hosting environment can suck. You can't access various things, or you want to allow others to access things that are only in cpanel/whm. Here's a few hacks that may help.


You always use recommended cpanel Security Settings checklist to avoid hacking and other suspicious activity. cPanel Server Hardening & Security tips.


This is very important to you to know how you can Find Spammer on cPanel exim server. Just go through our post to get information about it.


This page shows you how to add a CA Bundle (CA Certificate) to your webserver along with appropriate links. This needs to be done if you have bought a proper SSL Certificate yet your browser is still saying it is untrusted.

If web site ...


This video will demonstrate how easy it is to adjust the disk space quota for any account in your WHM panel. Written directions are provided below the video.


How to change cPanel's branding using WHM

  1. The Branding feature in WHM allows you to change the look and the feel of the customers' cPanel account.
  2. Go to cPanel-Branding.
  3. Most of the instructions here apply for bluelag ...


You might see a file called something like .wysiwygPro_preview. Don't worry. It's NOT a hack. It's a cPanel thing.

You might see a file remotely on your new jHost account called something like .wysiwygPro_preview. Don't worry. It's not a ha ...