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This page shows you how to add a CA Bundle (CA Certificate) to your webserver along with appropriate links. This needs to be done if you have bought a proper SSL Certificate yet your browser is still saying it is untrusted.

If web site ...


Working in a shared hosting environment can suck. You can't access various things, or you want to allow others to access things that are only in cpanel/whm. Here's a few hacks that may help.


This is very important to you to know how you can Find Spammer on cPanel exim server. Just go through our post to get information about it.


You might see a file called something like .wysiwygPro_preview. Don't worry. It's NOT a hack. It's a cPanel thing.

You might see a file remotely on your new jHost account called something like .wysiwygPro_preview. Don't worry. It's not a ha ...


How to change cPanel's branding using WHM

  1. The Branding feature in WHM allows you to change the look and the feel of the customers' cPanel account.
  2. Go to cPanel-Branding.
  3. Most of the instructions here apply for bluelag ...


cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel used by nearly every shared hosting provider out there. This is mainly due its ease of use, long term reputation and regular maintenance and security updates. If you are new webmaster, I would strong ...


You always use recommended cpanel Security Settings checklist to avoid hacking and other suspicious activity. cPanel Server Hardening & Security tips.


This video will demonstrate how easy it is to adjust the disk space quota for any account in your WHM panel. Written directions are provided below the video.


Quickly learn how to create a full cPanel backup through SSH command.


Us cPanel system admins pity those who neglect to back up their sites and then blame their hosts when something goes awry…especially when cPanel makes it so damn easy to back up your entire account in just a few clicks — And we're going to ...


Backup your website in cPanel the manual way and automatically with a script in cron that backs it up every night, every week and every month.


Intro: As many web devs know, the web hosting panel, cPanel, has quite a powerful “full backup” feature. The only problem is that if you want a full backup, you have to log into cPanel, navigate to the backup page, click the backup button, ...


As owners of websites, one of the more important things you should do is to regularly backup the website. Most web hosting providers will enable daily or weekly backups, mainly for their disaster recovery purpose only. If you want to personally oversee ...


I would like to become self-sufficient, and therefore do without services such as DNSDynamic and DYNDNS. And I don't like paying for services that I could do myself.

So here's the scenario - I have my main website hosted with a hosting company. ...

Category:Dynamic DNS

PERL script to dynamically update the IP of a host via the cPanel-API. This script was written to work with the Finnish hoster Neobitti but it might work with other hosters which use cPanel too.

Category:Dynamic DNS

Ever since has dropped all free services, I have been looking for good alternatives. Here in Finland, the IP addresses of the cable and DSL ISPs don't change excessively often, so for a while, it was ok for me to change the A record of my ho ...

Category:Dynamic DNS

Hi all. I tried all day yesterday to find the solution to this with no luck (and yes that did include searching the forums). So now I'm here to specifically ask.

I have a RaspberryPi at home and want to connect to it remotely but my IP address ...

Category:Dynamic DNS

A few months ago I get a cpanel on another hosting company.  I want to see how it looks rvskin themes, so I switch to it. After that surprise, I can’t check my awstats traffic, so my first idea is to switch back, however this was impossible ...