I'm trying to limit the access to every file from a specific user through htaccess. It's even possible? I can't figure out how to allow every file access only if username is not a specific one, I use an HTTP log ...


An excellent explanation of .htaccess files with examples. It is easy to read and follow and is a must for any noobie. .htaccess hints, tricks and examples


Custom HTACCESS rules used on Joomla! sites we build | fevangelou - Snipt


Code snippets and scraps from

SO rather than delete some of these gems, I thought it would be useful to post them here at Perishable P ...

I've always used Options -Indexes to disable directory listing through .htaccess. However, I have seen people using IndexIgnore * instead. What's the difference? Which is better than the other?


From Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos at This is his Joomla specific htaccess file


When you have a website, you need to deal with and protect yourself from common attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion and SQL Injection which all start with transmission of hostile commands via the HTTP Request. The challenge consi ...


This article, Stupid htaccess Tricks, covers just about every htaccess “trick” in the book. An excellent knowledge base and a very active comment stream.


An attempt to create a default skeleton .htaccess file with the very best apache htaccess examples… Updated semi-frequently based on detailed info from the Apache h ...

Most of the htaccess and mod_rewrite tips on this page can simply be cut and pasted into a text file and uploaded to your server.


This is not an introduction to .htaccess… This is the evolution of the best of the best.

You've come to the right place if you are looking to acquire mad skills for using .htaccess files.

Originally (2003) this ...