One of the more powerful tricks of the .htaccess hacker is the ability to rewrite URLs. This enables us to do some mighty manipulations on our links; useful stuff like transforming Very Long URL's into Short, Cute URLs, transforming dynamic ?generated= ...


When people think of .htaccess configuration, the first thing that might pop into their minds is URL manipulation with mod_rewrite. But they're often frustrated by mod_rewrite's complexity. This tutorial will walk you through everything you need to kno ...


This is a basic tutorial on creating rewrite rules in the htaccess file.


This is an article on Apache config and .htaccess - URL rewriting


A basic apache rewrite cheatsheet. some of the rewrite and .htaccess tutorials might have a better cheatsheet but this will do for now.


Are you an advanced mod_rewrite expert or guru? This article is for YOU too! Just make sure to read all the way to the bottom..

The following undocumented techniques and methods will allow you to utilize mod_rewri ...


This article gives you a simple method to see if mod_rewrite is installed and working on your server.


This Page Contains information about How To Test Mod Rewrite Works In With Apache Web Server.


htaccess rewrite / Mod_Rewrite Tips and Tricks is as glamorous as it sounds! htaccess rewrite mod_rewrite is just possibly one of the most useful Apache modules and features. The ability to rewrite requests internally as well as externally is extremely ...


There is a technique called URL rewriting that can turn unsightly URLs into nice ones — with a lot less agony and expense than picking a good domain name.


This is an excellent article on how to manipulate the query string with a htaccess file with clear examples.


This page has a greater range of examples but is geared to those who already know what mod_rewrite is. The advanced features contain information on how to recognise mobile devices and online caching services. But dos not include information on how to h ...


We've figured out what mod_rewrite variables look like so we can create rewrite rules and condition patterns based on the actual value. This cheatsheet is where we'll lay them all out for quick reference. This cheatsheet changed my life.

Here t ...


Most of the htaccess and mod_rewrite tips on this page can simply be cut and pasted into a text file and uploaded to your server.


This thread give .htaccess examples on how to rewrite all URL's to remove the .html


URL rewriting can be one of the best and quickest ways to improve the usability and search friendliness of your site. It can also be the source of near-unending misery and suffering. Definitely worth playing carefully with it - lots of testing is recom ...


This document supplements the mod_rewrite reference documentation. It describes how one can use Apache's mod_rewrite to solve typical URL-based problems with which webmasters are commonony confronted. We give detailed descriptions on how to solve each ...